Februari 2018: results are in!

We’ve had a crazy Februari, which is why I’m so late with the report this month. More will follow next months with (hopefully) better timings!

So let’s dive right into it. As I said Februari 2018 was tough. We had a ton of work! To keep my 2018 goal of a global 50% savings rate proves a hard goal to meet. Mrs MF and I started doing these ‘little surprises’ for each other. While amazingly sweet, these always come with a little cost, and little amounts quickly become big amounts.

So February has been mostly about balance, and I think that’s also a bit of the essence to reaching FI for us. Saving your ass off gets you where you want to be quickly, but when there’s someone you share your life with, things become more complicated whether you want it or not.

Mrs MF and I have a busy life, we’re working 6 days out of 7. So free time is precious, doing something passive is very tempting at that moment! Like watching TV or something…but thankgod we don’t own a TV nor cable 🙂 The previous month, we decided to ‘do’ things more often. We’ve put ourselves on a tight budget, so ‘cheap and awesome’ things here we came!

We went drinking a glass of wine in our favourite wine bar.
(if you’re ever in Ghent, be sure to check out ONA!)

It truly is an amazing experience for any wine-lover, unique and little known wines at your disposal. And if I’m honest; they’ve received quite a portion of my budget over the last two years 😀

The weather was terribly cold in Belgium with temperatures dropping to -10 degrees Celsius! Those are the times I miss my car to commute to work. But I warm myself to the fact that not having a car saves us a LOT of money!


Generally, we kept to our budgets quite well. So my savings rate for the month Februari is quite good at 41% saved. We went a bit overboard with the wine and bought a plant for our house, so i spent more than double of my ‘fun’ budget of 100 euro.
(oh yeah we went on a ‘mindfulness’ class too, quite the experience)

If i can get it over 50% and keep it there, I’ll meet my 2018 goal!
I’ll be honest that i’m not sure we’ll get there, we’ve booked our tickets for two big trips we’ve been planning for years so that’ll take quite the pinch out of our emergency savings. We’ve been saving diligently for over two years so a real vacation was long overdue in our opinion.

Net worth

My net worth dipped slightly due to the recent dip in the stock-market. For now we seem to be on a good track again, but the future remains to be seen. I’ve decided to remain in my positions for now. The long term is all that matters.

My crypto assets have bled quite extensively since December. While everybody’s selling i’m slowly adding coins to my collection! I’ve decided to invest my money every week while ignoring all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) that’s being spread. Let’s hope I’m right in the long term. 🙂

2018-02-08 13.37.47

Alright that’s about it, no other news! If you have any questions: to the comment section!