Hi and welcome to Millennial Fire!

I’m Mister MF, a 26 year old guy living in the Flemish part of Belgium.
If ‘Belgium’ sound like the brand of a dishwasher to you; you know that really tiny country squashed between France and The Netherlands that has like 3 governments, Dutch, French and German speaking parts, but also awesome beers and french fries?

Yup, that country. Here’s a little video about that.

So anyway, for the majority of my life, I’ve been quite the stereotype Millennial. Having the newest iPhone, buying new clothes, … Being a Millennial also means you’re spending a lot of money and being broke most of the time. But hey, that’s what everybody’s doing… right?

In 2016 Mrs MF and me watched a documentary called ‘Minimalism’, about two young guys, living intentionally and getting rid of as much stuff as they could.
Needless to say that had quite the impact on the both of us.

We started questioning everything. From our clothes, groceries, rent,… down to questioning if we really needed 7 Apple products.apple orchard
(how did we even get there in the first place?)

In the meantime i plunged into this newfound world of living intentionally, started reading books about a nice little concept called FI/RE.
For those of you that don’t know what that means: Financially Independent, Retire Early.
It basically means living beneath your means, investing the difference and quit the rat race much sooner than expected.

That’s been our goal ever since.

What you can find here

In my main-job, i’m employed as an investment banker at a large, corporate bank.
I see all kinds of clients in my office and i try to advice them on all kind of financial questions. I want to help you too!

This site mainly focusses on the experiences we’ve had carving our own path towards Financial independence. It’s all about helping you achieving your goals and taking away whatever’s useful to you. We try to keep our approach as broad and personal as possible.

You’ll find amazing tools to start budgeting, saving, investing, DIY’s,…
If you want a specific topic covered or can’t find what you’re looking for, or you just want to say hi; drop us a line here!


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